augusztus 5, 2022

ENGLISH – Giant Board Games

There are a million board games, but the kind which your guests can be a part of, of which they will be talking for months, which they will stand in line for before your event begins….well, there is only one.

Welcome in the world of Tengerecki Giant Board Game– a fantastic fairy tale world, where everyone comes under a spell for a wee little hour.

Here, the board is real, the challenge is enormous, the dice are gigantic, and the player is the figurine.

The surface area of Giant Board Games is 15 square meters, and the fields are large enough for a child or even an adult to stand in.

And then we must mention the gargantuan dice, which are 40 x 40 cm (16 x 16 inches) – which is everyone’s favorite!


The Game in school

“What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I know,”  Confucius says.

In the Tengerecki Giant Board Game, the players are the participants, so they are able to absorb all of the information that they receive throughout the Game.

In this way, the Game is suitable to not only practice new teaching material but to synthesize and show feedback.


The Game in advertising

“In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play,”  said Christian Morgenstern.

You can satisfy this desire for customers by showing them your products, promotions and brands through a game. Due to the dynamic games rules, Tengerecki Giant Board Game can adjust its rules to the theme of your brand, event, or promotion. In this way, potential consumers become involved emotionally, develop a connection with your offer more easily, and increase trust in your business, product or service.


Homo ludens, Man the Player

Play is nothing other than a child’s way of gaining experience.

For adults, games are a pastime, recreation; for children it means learning new things, acquiring new skills and experiences. According to Erik Erikson, the player easily identifies with objects and persons in a game. In this way, he comes into emotional contact with the brand, product or service which they wish to introduce.


Where to use?

Business use: exhibitions, fairs, hotels, malls.

Community: schools, community centers, vacation camps, play houses.

Individual: birthday parties, kids’ parties, bachelor/stag and bachelorette/hen parties, weddings, team building.



The price included:
– the giant board game

– 1 pices giant dice (35×35 cm)

– the rules of the game

– 6 pieces of accessories: cloak, apron, haversack, depend of the game

“Big” size of board game (bigger than 9,84 ft x 16,4 ft)
 700 Ł
Customized board game + 35 % extra charge!


Our games


We can test how well we know fairy tales! Do you know all the names of the seven dwarves? Who was the disowned one-headed dragon child who wanted to become a rose bud? Who was helped by a glass slipper?


We climb an imaginary mountain in the course of the game, and learn the unwritten rules, dangers and beauty of nature hikes.


We play a giant watery board game without anyone getting wet. We become familiar with the nature, attributes, and uses of water, learn wisdoms and songs about it.


Now you can cook for yourself! In this kitchen board game you can test whether you know all the tricks that help you cook a delicious meal.



Here’s a real space adventure! We launch from earth to an exploration of several different planets. You must complete all the tasks through the planets before we can return to earth.


The waiters in the Game must present the guests’ orders just as quickly as possible.


Who wouldn’t like to do the weekend shopping on their own? Here’s the chance to test their mettle for young and old! The winner succeeds in buying all of the items on the shopping list!

Dynamic game rules:

We offer our Hiker and Water game boards with dynamic game rules also.

Individual, corporate:

Customized games developed based on the imagination and demands of the customer.

Size variations:

Manufactured in two sizes: 3 x 5 and 2 x 3 meters (~ 9,84 ft x 16,4 ft, and 6,56 ft x 9,84 ft)